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3 Ways An Answering Service is Different Than a Call Center

after hours answering services

When your business that closes down at the end of the day, but needs representation and customer service 24 hours a day, what do you do? Hire after hours answering services, of course. Their qualified professionals will staff your phones and guide customers, make referrals, and leave messages for your regular managerial staff to attend to in the morning.

It can be tempting to use a standard call service, but they simply won't provide you with the same level of service as would an answering service. Here's why:

1. Answering Services Are More Personal
Unlike call centers, most answering services will give you business a dedicated number and line, so that there is never any confusion about who at the answering service is representing your business. And since there are actual people behind the phone, there is no need for an automated telephone directory system. Everyone is likely familiar with the frustration that occurs when a all a customer wants to do is speak to a real person, but instead must wait and listen through endless automated options. This can be especially problematic in many types of customer service, especially for urgent matters like those involving healthcare. This is the biggest benefit of a medical answering service -- a patient can speak to someone right away.

2. Specialized and Small
Some call centers serve many different customers and industries all at once, and their representatives are by no means qualified to give advice or guidance to the people seeking assistance on their lines. A full two-thirds of customers are much more likely to spend more of their money with a company that offers excellent customer service, and it is unlikely that unspecialized call center employees will be able to provide it. The employees at specialized answering services, however, are well suited to the job.

3. Trained Professionals
Most of all, answering service representatives are specially trained in phone etiquette, customer service, and the particulars of your unique business. They will conduct business with as much professionalism as your own employees would.

After hours answering services will round out your customer service experience, creating a seamless shift of constant vigilance and dedication to excellent service.

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