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Answering Services: How A Small Business Can Improve Customer Service

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Up to two-thirds of consumers say they'd be willing to spend up to 13% more money on businesses with excellent customer service. However, with today's modern technology consumers have a higher expectation of excellent customer service.

Consumers expect quicker responses to phone calls and emails, which can be challenging for businesses with limited employees. For this reason, small businesses may feel greater pressure to not only provide answering services but also additional in-persona customer services to keep their business operating smoothly.

Fortunately, there's a way small businesses can help reduce the stress placed on their employees and improve the balance in the workplace: outsourcing a professional answering service.

The benefits of outsourcing a professional answering service
One of the biggest challenges as a small business is providing excellent customer service. While this may be easy to do in person with the right employees, it can slowly increase stress on your workforce.

This is because your employees are not only doing their designated jobs, but they're also taking care of the customers who enter your store. If no one else is available to answer the phone, the employee is either forced to pull their attention from the present customer or let the phone go to voicemail.

This can be especially problematic as 80% of customers will hang up the phone if they hear a voicemail. By outsourcing answering services or even an after hours phone service, you increase the rate of customer satisfaction by helping multiple customers at once.

What's more, you'll also reduce stress on employees during off hours, holidays, and vacations. A business answering service can screen your calls or even forward your messages. This enables you to make the decision whether or not to respond immediately if you're not busy.

Not only does a small business answering service reduce stress, but it also makes the office a little less overwhelming. This improves the mood of your workers, which keeps productivity strong and customer service satisfactory.

There are many ways a professional answering service can benefit your small business. Consider outsourcing a business answering service today to improve your customer service, improve work productivity, and feel more in control of your business.

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