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How an Answering Service Benefits Both Customers and Employees

If you run a small or mid-sized business, itís probable youíve never even considered a live telephone answering service, assuming itís unnecessary or prohibitively expensive. But in reality, whether youíre a medical practice needing a 24 hour answering service or simply a small tech company, a business answering service can be the best choice for both your customers and your business. Hereís what you can expect when working with such a company:

  1. Better Customer Service

    With a limited office staff, does it ever take you a minute to get to the phone? If everyone is on lunch or the office has just closed, do calls simply go unanswered? If so, youíre missing opportunities to grow your business. One study showed that 72% of clients who donít reach a live person when they call wonít bother to leave a voicemail -- those are lost clients or callers who wonít become clients.

    And once you do pick up the phone, itís imperative that customers be taken care of promptly and courteously. One study of more than 2,500 consumers found that about 60% of callers believe a minute of hold time is too long, and proper telephone etiquette directly corresponds to caller satisfaction. An office answering service uses professional operators with extensive customer service experience so these arenít problems.

  2. Better Productivity

    Itís common for staff members to be engrossed in a project and moving along, only to have a phone call derail the entire group. Itís one thing if that call is an important one. But often, itís just someone asking about business hours or directions.

    A call answering service will take care of quite a few issues directly -- answering simple questions, relaying business policies, sometimes even scheduling appointments -- so that your employees can focus on their real duties without interruption. If the call does need to be addressed by an in-house employee, an answering service can forward that call to any type of phone (landline or mobile) or pass along a message by voicemail, text, email or fax.

  3. Better Bottom Line

    Many small or mid-sized businesses try to keep everything in-house, minimizing outsourcing in order to keep costs low. But contracting out certain services can actually save money without a drop in quality. Savings incurred by hiring an answering service increase the more hours you need that service; a 24 hour answering service can save your company quite a bit compared to what youíd need to pay overnight employees in your own offices.

Would you consider a part-time or 24 hour answering service? What kind of business do you run?

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