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Looking for a Telephone Answering Service? Here are 3 Important Things to Consider

telephone answering service.

No matter what type of business you're involved in, you likely have customers that call your office at all hours of the day. Everybody has a different schedule, and you never know when one of your most valuable customers or patients will have an urgent concern.

Because of how important it is for companies to be available to their clients 24/7, you need to invest in a professional telephone answering service. Professional answering services allow you to get some much-needed time away from the office while polite and well-informed representatives field calls from your patients and customers.

These days, consumers value customer service more than ever before, and you simply cannot afford to send them straight to voicemail. Here are three important things to look for when searching for quality telephone answering services:

  • Customer service is king
    You may be surprised at how important your customer service is to clients and patients. U.S. brands are losing approximately $41 billion each year due to poor customer service, and this is largely due to not answering phone calls after hours. The best telephone answering services eliminate this problem and show your customers that you really care by fielding their calls as soon as the phone starts to ring.

  • Real people answering real problems
    Many companies currently have an automated, scripted message that plays when customers or patients call the office after hours. This is a major mistake, and it has likely already cost you a lot of business. Heavily scripted calls eliminate two elements essential of the customer service experience: empathy and emotion. This is particularly important in medical offices, and a medical answering service will give your patients reassurance that a real person is there to answer their problems.

  • Fast and informative
    The main reason that consumers hate going straight to voicemail is because they just want a fast response to their question. Sometimes waiting until the next morning to hear back from you is worthless and does them no good. Additionally, if they're suffering from a pressing medical emergency, then a voicemail simply won't suffice. About 88% of people say they would hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail, and you'll be surprised how much more business you get by just providing fast, informative responses to callers.

Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are using telephone answering services for their after hours operations, and you should too. If you need these services, talk to us and give your clients the customer service experience they deserve.

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