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The Big Benefits of Phone Answering Services for Small Businesses

phone answering services

Small business owners know that time is money -- and there's never quite enough of it to go around. When you're trying to both grow your business and retain control over as much of your management as you can, you may find yourself stretched too thin when it comes to handling customer service, finances, record-keeping, and outreach all on your own.

Hiring another person or service to take care of aspects of your business or represent your brand requires a huge commitment and a lot of trust. Yet, one of the easiest and best ways to keep pace with your company growth is to contract phone answering services to handle some of your daily business needs. Some 80% of consumers prefer contacting customer service representatives over the phone. Here are just a few of the ways even a small business can see huge benefits from call answering services.

  • Peace of Mind
    Never miss an important sales call or a customer connection again. The more business you have, the more you'll need to prioritize your schedule so that your skills can be put to use where they're needed most. Phone answering services can handle the simpler customer needs while still making sure that urgent calls get through to you ASAP. The top reason why customers call contact services is to have their issues resolved quickly -- make sure they can get through at any time with a professional answering service.

  • Cost Effective
    Hiring out phone answering services is an efficient way to outsource some of your workload without the burden of taking on full-time employees. You can be sure that the people answering your calls are trained in quality customer service, which is vital for running a business. It's estimated that U.S. brands lose $41 billion in sales every year due to poor customer service habits, so spending the money on professionalism now will only come back to you in turn.

In addition to helping you out with your busy schedule, phone answering services are geared toward getting small businesses to grow. With friendly and knowledgeable service that can be made available 24/7, you'll be sure to better satisfy all your customer and client needs more effectively.

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